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Social Technologies LLC™ is a digitally-seated enterprise, focused on bringing innovative social media products to the marketplace that enhance your online and mobile phone text-com experience. Internet platforms are growing daily, and we have made it our imperative to keep pace with the ever-expanding digital communication environment by providing the consumer with exciting new methods to express themselves. The mission, at Social Technologies LLC™, is to aid in the continued enjoyment, as well as the expansion of, digital interaction through the introduction of creative messaging tools that bolster engagement between sender and recipient.


Our first foray into the marketplace is Hellojis®: An iOS-based animated emoji/sticker pack. Hellojis® will transfer text-com out of the prehistoric ages of static images, and firmly plant the consumer into the new frontier of animated communication assets, aimed at furthering the textual connection between end users. Each Helloji® performs the action that the standard emoji displays in static form, which is the next logical evolution in the messaging tool paradigm. Available on the App Store now.


Social Technologies LLC™ also lives on the cutting edge of socially-conscious and thought-provoking apparel, offering t-shirts that reflect the cultural and social media landscape.


NEW RELEASE for the Summer of 2018: Memoji®; The world’s first messaging app that will capture the facial expression of the end user with full-motion capabilities, and transpose the image into a custom, personalized emoji of the users actual face. We, at Social Technologies LLC™, believe Memoji® will set the text-com world ablaze, and send engagement through the roof. Available on Google Play now.

Social Technologies LLC™ also offers a full range of multimedia production services from within our Content & Design House, including but not limited to:

  • Sound Design & Production

  • Video Production

  • Motion Graphics

  • FX Division

  • Web Design

  • Ecommerce Integration

  • Social Media Content Design

  • Merchandising Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Strategic Branding Solutions

We are Social Technologies LLC™. Putting more social, in your media.

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