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Social Technologies LLC™ welcomes you to a brave new world in the ‘text-com’ arena, by proudly introducing you to Hellojis®: An iOS-based, animated emoji/sticker pack amalgamation, sure to enhance your textual communication experience. Consumers are constantly seeking the next technological innovation that propels the mobile interactive space forward. The idea behind the Hellojis® concept is to transform the standard static emojis that have become an indelible part of correspondence via texting, into a more engaging tool, certain to capture the ever-splintered attention span of the masses. Enter the animated Hellojis®, where Social Technologies LLC™ has re-imagined the most popular/frequently-used emojis as fully-mobile communication tools that enact the depicted ‘emotion’ expressed. Let’s take the ever-popular ‘kissing emoji’, for instance. Rather than the standard motionless graphic that we have become accustomed to, our kissing Helloji® actually performs the illustrated action. Yes, our Helloji® will actually blow you a kiss. Hellojis® provide a sense of heightened engagement to the consumer, as each Helloji® titillates the senses as it magically comes to life right before your very eyes, in amazingly-vivid detail. The ability to use each Helloji® also as a sticker, even further elevates your mobile phone communication experience. Attach our Hellojis® to either incoming or outgoing text threads and watch your mobile phone display transform into a virtual world of communicative pageantry. Hellojis® also introduces each user to the never-before-seen ‘sticker-collage’, where the user can attach several Hellojis® to a previously-sent or received Helloji®, and even further amplify the connoted emotion.


Social Technologies LLC™. Making emojis great again. Hellojis® are available for free on the App Store.

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